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Asleep at the cake

This past weekend we had a family gathering at Benson Lake with Grandpa Gadget, Grandma Nancy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Seong Yoon (Ollie calls him Uncle Onion) and us. It was fun to hang with everyone and stay up late playing Pictionary. ...
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Imsomniac child!

I've heard about how when you are held captive by terrorists they often use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. I can see why. It is very effective in breaking you down. Ollie was a terrorist last night. I...
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Sleeping separate

Well, Mommy finally decided that she couldn't sleep in the same room as Ollie because of all the squeaking and noises he makes. So, Ollie is now sleeping in his room with a sound machine on to drowned out the squeaks. ...
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