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Getting into the holiday spirit!

Every Christmas season we like to take a family trip to downtown Seattle to get into the holiday spirit.  This year we took that trip kind of late in the season. We started out by visiting with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Seong Yoon briefly at their...
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Pike Place Market with Grandpa George

Today Grandpa George, Aunt Oneida, Uncle Matt, Dad, Mom, and Ollie headed out to Seattle to enjoy the Pike Place Market. Orion was at preschool and with Grandma while we were away (last day of school!) We enjoyed shopping the market, watching...
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A Mother's Day celebration in Seattle

(I haven't posted for a while in the blog because John and I have been vacationing in Belgium and Italy for 12 days. It was a great trip. Thanks Mom, Betsy, Tracy, & Richard for watching Orion!!!) Today was Mother's Day and we woke...
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