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Geetar and nose pickin'!

I'm often asked to sing on Tuesday nights at church and when I started doing it I knew very few worship songs.  That's slowly changing though.  Even so, it is a struggle for me since I've never been a strong guitar player.  Here's the most recent song I'm workin' on learning for this Tuesday night. ...
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Oliver gets dedicated at church

We dedicated Oliver in front of the church today. Sounds like a simple thing but it got a bit hairy. You see, Orion refuses to go in the church building these days. So, we made arrangements for Tracy and Richard to...
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Ollie's new chair

Today was Sunday and we all actually went to church together. Orion did fine in the childcare and didn't get kicked out like last time. Ollie slept through the whole service. Then, after church the sun was shining. We...
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