Introducing "Seven"

We have a new family member and we must admit we are already in love with him.  His name is Seven and he’s a 10 week old Corgi/Bulldog/Wire Terrier mix.  He is the sweetest little boy.

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s a James Bond reference.  We often call our boys (Orion and Oliver) double Os.  So now we have “double O Seven” 🙂  Also, there’s a Seinfeld reference…but if you aren’t in the know on that one it’s a bit too hard to explain.


Anyway, we got Seven from a shelter service in Portland, OR this past Saturday.

So far his temperament is perfect for our family.  He’s playful with the boys and loves to play ball.  He’s snuggly and likes to curl up on anyone’s lap that will allow it.  He’s almost completely potty trained and lets us know when he needs to go.  We start puppy socialization and obedience classes with him this Thursday.

Today is Veteran’s day so there was no school and John had the day off.  After a lazy morning, we all took a walk to Olympia Coffee Roasters in our neighborhood.  Seven may have squat little legs, but the boy sure kept up with the likes of us.  He has a little bit of herding instincts and wouldn’t move forward unless the boys were in his sight, corralled in front of him.  He doesn’t want to leave any of his people behind.

We love this pup and are so thankful that God allowed him to be in our family.


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