Last Day of School 2012

Today was the last day of school for Orion.  Ollie finished a while ago.  It was only a half day at school so I picked Orion up.  There was no sadness or sense of loss.  He just had the attitude of “Dude, I’m outta here.  Let the summer parties commence!”

We went from school to a goodbye party at the Children’s Museum because one of Ollie’s preschool friends is moving to Minnesota.

After 2 hours there we headed home and the boys spontaneously put on their swimsuits and insisted we play in the sprinkler.  To them, summer means water play, regardless of the temperature outside.  They jumped in the sprinkler for all of 5 minutes and then complained that they were “freezing!”  They now are warming up in a hot bath.  Ahhhh summer in the Pacific NW!

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