Last day of 1st grade and Rotary Auction confusion

Orion finally made it to the very last day of 1st grade.  Phew…what a wild ride it was!  One of  Orion’s 1st grade teachers had  prepared a slideshow of pictures set to music and invited parents, so I came to share snacks and enjoy.  Orion was very keyed up and crazy.  I think he was just so excited to be done with the school year.

After that we headed home to pack up the car because we thought we were going to the rotary auction on Bainbridge Island.   It’s a major event.  Huge.  Words can not describe it.  It’s like a garage sale that spans many football fields.  We plan for it every year.  Typically it falls on the last weekend of June.  So, we booked a hotel room in advance because if you wait too long those become scarce.  Well, that backfired on us because we found out as we were heading out the door that the auction had been moved one week back to July 2nd.  Oy!

Since it was too late to cancel our hotel and get a refund, we decided to go to Bainbridge Island anyway.  We had no real plan other than to find some yard sales so that the boys could return home with a toy as promised.

We arrived in the early evening and took a leisurely stroll around downtown Poulsbo.  Then we went to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant out there, Chungs.  After that we took a quick drive around the island to see our old house and check out where the yard/garage sales might be in morning.

The next day we got up early and headed to Sluys Bakery in downtown Poulsbo.  They make amazingly yummy things including their famous Poulsbo bread.  After we were all sugared up we headed back to Bainbridge in search of yard sales.  We found quite a few and Orion and Ollie bought some toys and were happy.  Then we drove back to our hotel to check out and headed north to Point No Point to do some beach-combing.

Point No Point is a place that John used to take Orion when he was a baby.  Typically on a Saturday morning he would give me a few hours to myself and have a “Daddy Adventure” with Orion.  They loved to stroll along the beach at Point No Point.  John was thrilled to be back again.

The boys found lots of great rocks and driftwood forts.  They loved climbing around in those things.  Orion pretended one of them was his own Taekwondo Dojang.  He had a blast.

It was a very unexpected and laid back vacation.  A nice treat.


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