Father's Day 2011

Father’s Day was a semi-unplanned, adventurous day.  John only knew that he wanted to go on a family hike somewhere.

We started out the morning loading up on a ton of food at the Black Bear Diner.  Mmmm…mmmm good.  The portions were out-of-control huge so after that we felt like we needed a major hike just to burn of the carb fest we just experienced.

Daddy and the boys at McLane Creek

The weather was gloomy and iffy so we scratched our original idea of going to Mt. Rainier and instead stayed much closer to home.  We ended up at McLane Creek Nature trail in Olympia just off of Delphi Rd.  It’s a great place for birdwatching and, unbeknownst to us, bear watching!   There was a sign posted at the front entrance warning of a recent bear sighting. Yikes!

Regardless, we hiked, threw rocks in the creek, snacked and had a nice time for a few hours.  Afterwards we headed home for lunch and a nap.  Then we all headed out for a family walk around the neighborhood.  The boys love that the Frog Pond Convenience Store is one block away from our house and coerced us into an ice cream stop.  The weather was much better than expected.

For an extra Father’s Day treat we got take out from Great Indian Cuisine for dinner.  John and I both love curry. It was a very spontaneous and pleasant day.


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