Orion has been taking Taekwondo for a few months now and is really enjoying it. He goes 3 nights a week and is slowly working up to his yellow belt.

The reason we signed up Orion for  Taekwondo was to help him improve on his gross motor skills. For the last 5 years (since he was 2) Orion has been working with Jan Shefferly, an amazing Occupational Therapist, to help him refine his gross and fine motor skills and to deal with some of his sensory issues. But recently, Jan felt she was not making the progress she needed to with him and felt he needed some real-world motor skill practice. So, I googled martial arts and the next thing you know, we were signed up for 6 months of classes.

The Taekwondo Dojang that he goes to has a set of rules that each student must memorize and live by and they are as follows:

1. Taekwondo Students must show respect to their parents and family members at all times.

2. Taekwondo Students shall greet their parents with, “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” when they enter the home and tell them “Goodbye!” when they leave.

3. Taekwondo Students shall be truthful at all times.

4. Taekwondo Students will be kind to their brothers, sisters and friends.

5. Taekwondo Students will help with household chores.

6. Taekwondo Students will keep their room neat and clean.

7. Taekwondo Students will keep their body, hair, teeth clean always.

8. Taekwondo Students will not interrupt adult conversations.

9. Taekwondo Students will show respect to teachers and peers at all times.

10.Taekwondo Students will fix a recipe for straight “A’s” by:

a. Doing their homework.

b. Reviewing what the teacher has taught.

c. Preview what you will study in the next lesson.

I think these rules are great concepts that all kids should try to abide by. Orion seems to take very well to the structure and discipline in Taekwondo. He’s a very hard worker and we are so impressed with his progress. I have a feeling that yellow belt is not far off!

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