Getting into the holiday spirit!

Every Christmas season we like to take a family trip to downtown Seattle to get into the holiday spirit.  This year we took that trip kind of late in the season.

We started out by visiting with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Seong Yoon briefly at their house in Seattle.  We had some tea, exchanged a few gifts, and then we were off.

We then went in search of a model train display that we read about in the paper.  It was at the Food Center Pavilion at the Seattle Center.   The train display was fun and,  as a bonus, we got to hear a school choir singing Christmas songs while we ate some lunch.

Next we headed to the Pike Place Market and John’s favorite coffee spot, Seattle’s Best Coffee at the Market.   We warmed up with some mochas and cocoa and people watched for a while.  Then we shopped the Market.  We enjoyed watching some of the buskers (street performers).  I particularly enjoyed two ladies playing the saw and the accordion.  I’ve always wanted to play the saw.  Imagine how cool I would be at parties if I could just dig into someone’s garage and pull out a Dewalt saw and just start whippin’ out the tunes.  Ah…it’s good to have dreams.

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