Christmas came early for Sandy & John!

Our couch of 7 years has finally been retired.  That thing has been spilled on more times than we can count and it started getting kind of skungy. (I think I made up that word, but I like it anyway)

So, we decided to take advantage of the Black Friday / Post Thanksgiving sales and look around for a new couch.  We found a floor sample on super duper sale and just couldn’t pass it up.  It’s brown leather and way fancier than anything else we own.  Looks like we’ll have to get a new house to match the new, swanky furniture.

Here’s the brochure picture of what we bought…

And because our house has very dim lighting, it looks quite different here.  Here’s what it looks like in our house.  The ottoman didn’t shrink. We just chose not to buy the one at the store because it was too crazy-big for our house.  We had a smaller one already that we will continue to use.  For the record, the color in the brochure picture is correct.  Looks like we need a lot more lighting in our house to show the true color of the couch.

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