Yearly Archives: 2010

Our "Northern Exposure" Christmas 2010

We had a very unique Christmas experience this year because we headed to the little town of Roslyn, WA to stay at a condo over the holiday.  Roslyn is the town where they filmed the TV show "Northern Exposure". We were prompted to take...
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Getting into the holiday spirit!

Every Christmas season we like to take a family trip to downtown Seattle to get into the holiday spirit.  This year we took that trip kind of late in the season. We started out by visiting with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Seong Yoon briefly at their...
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1st Grade Gingerbread Party

Today was the last day of school before winter break and Orion's 1st grade glass was having a Gingerbread Man cookie decorating party.  Thankfully, John had the day off so this time I was actually able to attend.  Normally I can't because they don't allow...
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Ollie's 4th Birthday Party

Ollie will be turning 4 next week and we decided to have a party for him this year at Chuck E Cheese.  Every kid's dream, every parent's headache!  That place is like a casino for kids.  Insane volume and lights.  Total sensory overload. We were hoping...
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Christmas came early for Sandy & John!

Our couch of 7 years has finally been retired.  That thing has been spilled on more times than we can count and it started getting kind of skungy. (I think I made up that word, but I like it anyway) So, we decided to take advantage of the Black Friday / Post Thanksgiving sales and look...
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It snowed in November!

It snowed today!  A rare thing in November in these parts.  Oliver was so excited.  Two years ago when we had the "big snow", Oliver was too sick to go out and enjoy it.  Orion had a blast though. So this year, Oliver is actually healthy...
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Orion's graduation celebration from Speech Therapy

We've reached a major milestone in our family.  Orion has finally graduated from attending Speech Therapy.  He's been going weekly since he was about 2 years old.  Dana, his therapist, seems basically like a member of our family with all the time she's invested in...
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Orion's spider report for school

Orion has to give an oral report tomorrow on spiders.  I was not thrilled about this project because I am deathly afraid of spiders.  Major arachnophobia here!  Thankfully, Daddy helped catch a spider and research all the details.  Orion did an awesome job on his report.  Here it is... Read more

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween, Orion decided he wanted to be Super Mario.  He also decided that he wanted his little brother to be Luigi.  Since Oliver is in this mode of looking up to Orion...
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