Thanksgiving 2009

It was a typical rainy Thanksgiving . The bonus was that this year, unlike last, Oliver did not come down with a double ear infection that kept us up all night.

We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house in Bellevue.  Those in attendance were Cousin Deb, Aunt Kathy, Uncle SY, Grandpa Jim, and Grandma.

We went for an after dinner walk in the rain.  It’s a tradition regardless of the weather.

In the evening, Deb, John and I went to see the new Twilight movie while Grandma and Grandpa watched the boys.  Then we spent the night there and did our annual shopping at Goodwill in Bellevue the next morning.  Those wealthy people always get rid of fabulous stuff that we snatch up.  Another thing to be thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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