Rutledge Corn Maze 2009

Today we did our annual trip to Rutledge corn maze.  It’s always so much fun to race around the corn maze and try to punch our punch cards as fast as we can.  Orion likes to try and figure out the map.  I just run frantically around like a chicken with my head cut off, having no idea which direction I’m pointed in.  John is ultimately the true navigator.

Afterward, we usually like to sit by the fire pit and drink hot apple cider and eat popcorn.  We did that today.  They also had a fire truck that kids could climb up inside of.  Orion and Ollie liked that.  And the Children’s Museum had a wind tunnel demonstration where you make a paper bat and watch it fly up through the wind tunnel and into the air.  The kiddos loved that.  It was a fun time.

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