Orion's 6th Birthday Party

We simply cannot believe that our baby boy is 6 years old. How did this happen? It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.

Orion requested a Thomas cake and Daddy delivered! He made the top half gluten-free and the rest regular cake. And yes, those are candy rocks.

There were a few slight sprinkles of rain at the park but for the most part it was just a bit windy. It was great to see everyone there. Stacie, Ross, Emma and Elena came. Also, Christy, Jeff, Mason and Cody came. The rest were family. It was a nice manageable size.

Orion wanted a pinata after he saw one on TV so we got one. We had no idea just how hard it is to break through one of those things. The kids gave it a good effort (see Ollie picture below) but eventually we had to get the adults into the action. Grandma was the most amusing and frightening one. Everyone grabbed their children quickly and moved back. Danger, Grandma’s got the baseball bat!!!

A good time was had by all and after it was all over we loaded up in the car and headed to Benson Lake for an overnight trip with Carol and Dustin. Fun times!

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