4th of July 2009

What a great 4th of July weekend we had. After Orion finished up with art camp at the Children’s Museum we loaded everyone up and headed to the lake.

The weather was perfect. We brought the blow-up pool and set it up on the outside deck. Ollie and Orion splashed for hours back there and were safely contained.

On the 4th we swam in the lake and were surprised by an unexpected paddle boat parade. There was a long line of paddle boats and row boats decorated with flags and patriotic stuff. They sang patriotic songs at the top of their lungs. Fun stuff.

In the evening we watched Madagascar to try and keep the boys awake until the fireworks that night. There is an unofficial fireworks display on the lake. People just sit on the end of their docks and do it up. It’s better than most organized shows I’ve seen and it’s just perfect for our family.

The boys stayed awake for about 20 minutes of fireworks and then zonked out completely on our laps. It’s amazing that kids can sleep through massively loud explosions like that. But they were like floppy ragdolls drooling on us. Funny.

We did miss the fireworks at Alderbrook this year because they moved it to July 2nd. Regardless, we had a wonderful family escape! Happy Birthday America!!!

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