Camping near Lake Cushman

Camping season has begun for us and we couldn’t be happier. John had the day off on Friday so he headed out early to stake out a campsite at Staircase near Lake Cushman. As you can see, he lucked out and got campsite 37. Orion was very fond of this number for some reason.

It was our first solo camping trip with the boys. Usually we go with our good friends Carol and Dustin. Amazingly, we still survived.

We did a small hike and Orion walked most of the way on his own. A bridge was washed out so we couldn’t go far. Probably a good thing with 2 boys in tow.

We also did a little picnic along Lake Cushman. We are now confident that we can do this camping thing all on our own. But we did miss the company of our friends.

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