Adventures with Grandpa George

After a lovely night at Mama J’s cabins, we headed to meet up with Grandpa George, Aunt Oneida, Uncle Matt, and Cousin Hannah. Then we all went on a road trip. Now these road trips are usually the way we visit with Grandpa George. We explore the area looking for new growth, trees, and anything interesting to look at. This time we headed down the Natchez Trace.

The Natchez Trace was a traditional Native American trail and was later also used by early European explorers as both a trade and transit route in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Today, the trail has been commemorated by the 444-mile-long Natchez Trace Parkway, which follows the approximate path of the trace.

We stopped just outside of Iuka, Mississippi and walked along a natural spring/creek. The boys and Hannah loved digging through the leaves for the perfect stick. Orion pretended to be fishing in the creek with his stick. Ollie just liked throwing them and watching them float down stream. We continued to drive around and ended up passing through 3 states in our travels; Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. Then we returned back to Lawrenceburg, TN. We then spent a few hours visiting with some more family friends and finally headed back to our little cabin way past bed time. Sleep is limited on this trip but family time is plentiful and worth the sacrifice.

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