Pulverized cookie dust

They get me every year. They are lurking just outside of our most frequented places. Lowes, Safeway, the Post Office. They lure me in every time with their thin mints. Those darn girl scouts and their cookies!

Ollie witnessed me sneaking away in the darkness of the kitchen with a glass of milk and wondered what I was crunching on. Then he started yelling out “brown cookie, brown cookie, I want it!”.

Now, most parents wait for a moment of reward to give out cookies and sweets. But around here it’s hard to say “If you eat your veggies you can have a cookie”. Because truthfully, our boys are so scrawny that we long to get calories in them any way we know how. Our own pediatrician suggested giving Ollie Twinkies! You know it’s desperate when the Dr. prescribes Twinkies!

So, I stuck him in his high chair and let him chomp away of a few thin mints. The proof that our kids don’t eat is that he mashed up the cookies with a fork until they were pulverized into a fine cookie dust and then smeared the crumbs on his face and around his tray. Ultimately, most of the calories did not make it into his mouth. A kid that won’t eat cookies is truly a non-eater. How on earth did this happen to me? I managed to almost single-handedly polish off the entire box of thin mints in under 2 days! This calorie problem must come from the other side of the gene pool.

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