Elena's 4th Birthday party

My good friend, Stacie, invited us to her daughter Elena’s 4 yr birthday party. We left Ollie home with Daddy since the party was transpiring right around nap time.

Orion was excited about seeing Elena again but very nervous about the idea of a clown being at the party. He must have had a scary image in his head of what a clown was. I think I had that same type of fear when I was a kid. I remember some sort of clown rotating lamp thing in my bedroom that scared me.

Well, this clown wasn’t really scary at all. She was fun and did lots of magic tricks. Orion still hid in the back of the room with me but he tried to participate. He even allowed having his face painted, which for him is a big step since he hates things touching his face/head area.

He was very tolerant of the noise and chaos of the party. He even was very patient with a cute 9 month old baby girl that seemed to enjoy climbing all over him. He’s really come a long way with self-regulating his behavior. And I think he may have even allowed himself to enjoy the party a bit and have fun. Yay!

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