A new era and a new nickname

We have embarked upon a new era in America. A new president. Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office yesterday with most of the world watching.

When Orion returned from school yesterday he was repeating over and over “Bow-rock Obama, Bow-rock Obama, Bow-rock Obama”. Then Ollie started in on the chant. I asked Orion who Barack Obama was and he quickly told me he was the president of the United States. I guess he is actually learning something in school.

Orion said that he liked Obama because he had an O in his name too. That seemed like sound reasoning for a 5 year old. He obviously also likes the ring of his name.

Then today, while waiting for the bus, the boys sat on the porch swing and Orion told me he wanted to change his name. I asked him what he wanted to change it to and half expected him to say “Bow-rock Obama”. Instead he promptly blurted out “dubba-you dubba-you dubba-you dot Orion dot com”. So it appears that he’s learning valuable things at school but apparently a bit of strangeness at home. I guess that’s the price you pay for having a computer geek for a mom.

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