Christmas 2008

It happened! There is actually and truly snow on the ground on Christmas day. A white Christmas!!! Of course, it’s left over snow from earlier in the week and it’s slowly melting away. The igloos in our front yard are hangin’ on but most other things, including the 2 snow men we made have melted. Still, it’s neat to look out and see snow on Christmas day. That hasn’t happened in these parts for 18 years!

The good news is that it wasn’t so snowy that family couldn’t make it out to our house. Grandpa Jim, Grandma, and Aunt Kathy ventured out and arrived this morning to celebrate with us. We had a fake fire crackling on the HDTV and a holiday ham ready to eat.

Before family arrived we brought the boys down stairs and they started in on some gifts and stockings. Ollie ran to the biggest gift in the room and just started tearing at the wrapping paper. Good thing it was a gift for him!

It was a nice, laid back Christmas and the good news is that there’s lots of holiday ham leftovers. Yum! Happy Birthday Jesus!!! We love you.
(note – there are no pics of the family visit ’cause it was chaos as usual. Oh well. I think we have video of it somewhere)

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