Christmas Eve 2008

Today it was Christmas Eve day. Orion was very excited to open the last box on his Playmobil advent calendar. He is finally old enough to look forward to Christmas.

Originally we had hoped that we would be attending a Christmas Eve church service at our home church but it turns out that the snow prevented that. We have had so much snow and the driving is just too treacherous. So we stayed close to home.

John took the bus to work but left early because the snow had started coming down again.

In the evening we decorated some gluten-free Christmas cookies with Orion and tracked Santa’s progress on Google Earth and Norad. It’s a neat internet thing that shows exactly where on earth Santa is at any given moment.

The boys went straight to bed and Daddy and I scurried around the house cleaning and preparing for the next day. Ah…the anticipation of Christmas. It can make anyone feel like a kid again.

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