Sledding, igloos, and icicles

Ah…more fun in the snow. This snow just keeps on coming. It’s like a blizzard around here.

Flights are cancelled at the airport and car travel is difficult. But it sure is fun to play in!!!

Daddy decided to build an even bigger igloo today to truly impress the neighbors. It took him many hours but he finally finished.

While he was building it and Ollie was napping, I took Orion sledding at the elementary school nearby. We really had fun and it made me feel like a kid again.

Daddy also got out a ladder and knocked down some of the icicles that were looming over our heads. The top picture shows a few of those icicles.

They expect more snow tonight and they even say it’s possible that we might have a white christmas this year. That hasn’t happened for 18 years in these parts!

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