Oliver turns 2 with cake, snow, and igloos

My baby boy is 2 today. How did this happen? It seems like yesterday he was just a newborn baby. Time flies.

Oliver loves rocket ships so John made him a rocket ship cake. It was a nice surprise for him. But the biggest birthday surprise was the many more inches of snow we got. Oliver went out in it briefly with Daddy in the morning but then spent the rest of the day playing inside.

Due to the snow, we had no guests at his party except us. But he’s too young to know that he missed out on having folks there.

He loved the piggy bank he got and the new stool with his name on it. Thanks Mary Ann and David for the stool! We are told to expect more packages soon after the snow lets up. It will be an extended birthday for Ollie!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! We had even more snow today. It just keeps comin’ down.
So as not to be outdone by the folks in the neighborhood, Daddy made about an 8 foot snowman that made his earlier snowman look very sad and little. Look at the top of the small snowman’s hat. There is so much snow on top that he’s almost grown another head!

Then, as Ollie was taking a birthday nap (yes, he turned 2 today!), Mommy decided she better contribute something to the snow creations. She and Orion went out with some plastic containers and started making an igloo. But when Daddy returned from the store and saw our work he knew it was necessary to step in, as the architect of the family, and structurally save the igloo. He did!

At night, Daddy decorated the igloo with lights and put a lantern inside and he and Orion enjoyed sitting in it.

Now the only thing Mommy wishes she could do is strap on a pair of skis and find a good hill! Regardless, it was a fun snow day.

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