Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We headed to Grandmas house to celebrate thanksgiving and spend the night. The meal was very nice and it was nice to visit with everyone. But, that evening Oliver got extremely sick. He had double pink eye, a fever of 104.5, and a horrible cough. Mommy...
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Swimming Lessons

Tonight was Orion's first swimming lesson. Mommy was very nervous that he would freak out when we got to the pool. Well, he did quite the opposite. He was so excited and wanted to jump right in. We were there a few minutes early and...
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If I can make it through 2!

I've heard concerns from friends and family about why there are no blog entries lately. My explanation? These boys are keeping me so exhausted and busy that I hardly have time to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. And many...
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