Baxter and Ollie

Today Oliver woke up early from his nap and there was actually sunshine outside so we went out into the back yard to play with Baxter.

Here’s the routine. Baxter sits at my feet while I hold the Frisbee. Then I say “Ready, Set…” and Ollie hollers “Go!”(although it sounds like “Doe”) and the Frisbee is tossed and Baxter takes off. Then Ollie giggles while Baxter runs around the yard and then he waits for his turn to shout out the final command again.

Ollie also loves the sandbox but we have had so much rain recently that it was all wet and icky. It didn’t stop him though. He dug around and had sand stuck to him everywhere. Then shortly after, the school bus arrived with Orion so we brushed everyone off and headed back indoors.

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