Rutledge Corn Maze

Daddy has been out of town for a few days in Spokane, WA and came home late this afternoon.

Since it actually wasn’t raining we headed out to the Rutledge corn maze. We have gone to this corn maze as a family since Orion was about Ollie’s age and it’s lots of fun.

Orion was finally old enough to be interested in reading the map and trying to navigate through the maze. He liked that at each checkpoint you got to put a hole punch in your map. We made it through all 12 checkpoints of the maze.

This year the maze’s design was some sort of house.

Ollie was fussy and whined when we had to make him leave the little red staircase that he wanted to continually climb. But he liked seeing the pumpkins at the end.

It is just so nice to have Daddy home again. We love you Daddy!

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