Silver Falls State Park

Wow! Silver Falls State Park is awesome. We arrived around 8:00 PM and found our friends Carol and Dustin already at the cabin. It was a very tiny 2 room place but it was great for what we needed. Carol and Dustin could have slept in the cabin on the futon but opted to sleep in our van with the seats removed to give us more privacy. We felt a bit bad about it since it was cold at night but they assured us that they were more than fine.

In the daytime we took a hike and saw about 8 waterfalls. They were amazing. It was just so beautiful. The trees were covered in this bright green pretty moss. The weather was sunny but cold so we wore lots of layers.

Orion threw a big fit when we first headed out for our hike. I guess he didn’t want to hike. But once we got out there he did great.

After our hike, Carol and Dustin offered to watch the boys at some play toys while John and I had a date at the lodge. We had some great soup by the fire. It was very warm and cozy.

We returned to find out that Orion had pushed Ollie off of a play toy and he took about a 5 foot fall. It really scared our friends. We checked Ollie from head to toe and thankfully he was fine. I guess he landed on the wood chips just right. Anyway, it could have happened on anyone’s watch but I know it’s hard when it happens on your watch. We assured our friends not to worry and praised God for keeping our little guy safe.

We enjoyed making meals by the fire, having a very private bathroom with warm water and showers, and playing rook (card game) with our friends after the boys went to sleep. It was a great time and we plan on returning again soon.

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