AMFM and picture day

This morning I headed out to my AMFM (a morning for moms) meeting with the boys. John had the day off and was trying to pack up stuff for our weekend away in Oregon.

Orion had a great time at AMFM as he usually does. He always hates to leave. This day he was the only boy in the class. There were about 10 other little girls. He loves playing with the little girls more than the boys so it was a good morning for him.

When we got home we quickly fed Orion lunch and then changed his clothes because today was picture day at school. From past experience, we know that it’s almost impossible to come away with a good school picture. So, while we waited for the boys I snapped a few shots of Orion just to remember how sweet he is at age 5.

After he returned from school we whisked him into the house, changed his clothes again, and headed off in the van towards Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. We had rented a cabin for the weekend there and were very excited about it.

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