A rainy day visit to the Hands on Children's Museum

Our original plan for today was to take the boys to the Rutledge corn maze. The weather was supposed to be cold but clear.

Well, the weather did not cooperate and it rained. But we were getting cabin fever and still wanted to go somewhere so we loaded up the boys and headed to the farmers market only to find out they were closed.

So, then the boys wanted to still get out and do something but the rain was coming down. Reluctantly, we agreed to go to the Children’s Museum expecting that it would be extremely packed on such a rainy day. I guess we hit it just at the right hour because it wasn’t really that busy.

Orion loved playing cashier while Mommy pretended to be his customer. Ollie absolutely loved the moon sand room and running around with a rubber fish. And both boys loved the play kitchen and the ball contraption room. It was a fun time.

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