Bumps and bruises

Some days, no matter what you do, you just can’t prevent the little ones from minor bumps.

It was a sunny day and Daddy was very busy working on the yard and shed. So mommy packed up the boys and headed to the park. The first picture is proof that they started the day unblemished.

We had fun swinging, climbing, and playing “gitchu” as Oliver calls it. It’s really called “I’m gonna get you” which is basically just tag.

Then in the afternoon, Orion was in the kitchen sitting in our tall, swivel computer chair. When he went to dismount, he spun around and fell onto the corner of the hole punch and computer and got a nice shiner (bruise and minor cut) below his right eye.

In the evening it was still nice out so we went as a family to Priest Point Park. We were running around playing “gitchu” again and Ollie ran straight into a bar with his face. Now he has a big shiner below his right eye too to match Orion’s.

All of this happened the same day that Mommy was planning to book a family portrait studio date at Sears. I guess I’ll hold off until everyone heals…if that ever happens. These boys always seem to have some sort of bump or scrape. You just can’t keep them safe all of the time.

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