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I’m just posting because I took a picture of Oliver today that I really like. But here is a general update on my little cutie pie.

He’s almost 21 months old now and he’s got his own little personality. Mostly, he’s just so sweet. He is curious. He is a climber and gets into things quickly. You have to be on high alert around him or he will get into trouble.

Here is a list of things he loves…

  • balls (totally obsessed)
  • balloons
  • berry picking and eating blueberries (he calls them “blue-eees”)
  • airplanes (he says “bye, bye eh-pwane” and does the peanut butter, parade wave)
  • chocolate pudding (“pu-ing, pu-ing, PU-ING” over and over again)
  • independence (he wants to do everything himself and often can)
  • baths
  • slides (he calls “lide”)
  • swings (he calls “wing”)
  • his big brother Orion (he calls him “O-wine” and really looks up to him and enjoys playing with him)
  • threading things between his toes (loves this. when he falls and hurts himself we do this to sooth him)
  • blanky, lamby, and binky (trying to cut back on the binky though)
  • peek-a-boo
  • pop-up books
  • silky tags on anything (blankets, clothing, curtains)

Ollie is usually very well behaved unless he is sick, teething, or overtired. I must say that we absolutely love this kid. We love when he tips his head back and squints his eyes and grins from ear to ear and says “fu-eee” (that’s his way of saying you’re funny). He’s just so adorable and amazing and we feel so blessed to have been chosen by God to be his parents.

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