Camping at Cougar Rock

We spent the last weekend in August with our church home group folks camping at Cougar Rock in Mt Rainier National Park. The forecast was for slight rain. It definitely rained both evenings.

But we did get a break during the 2nd day and were able to take a nice, slightly cold hike from Bench Lake to Snow Lake. There was even a snow mound at the end of our journey.

We played Rook by the campfire and ate lots of s’mores.

Ollie slept great the 1st night and absolutely horribly the 2nd. He basically would only sleep if Mommy was rocking him. So, Mommy stayed up all night and rocked him in her sleeping bag. So tiring.

But, the boys really seem to like being out in the great outdoors so even though it can be a hassle to pack all the gear and brave the elements, we still leave with a feeling of adventure and a bunch of memories.

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