A day with the Amish

Today we met up with Grandpa George and the family and went to Ethridge, TN. There is an Amish community there that John and his Dad grew up around. We went to a produce auction in an open air barn. Local Amish farmers hauled their produce to the barn in their wagons and buggies. They would drive their wagons through the middle of the barn and people would bid on the crops as they moved through. The boys were excited to see the draft horses and all the different types of vegetables.

We then drove out into the farming community and stopped to buy corn, tomatoes and okra from the farms. We brought it all back to our cabin and roasted corn over the fire. Uncle Matt and John made the classic Alabama dish: fried green tomatoes. Great food and fun with the family.

Here are pictures of Oliver, Orion and Grandpa checking out the Amish buggies.

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