Fun at the park

I was bold today and actually took both boys to the park. I haven’t done that alone since Ollie started walking because it’s too hard to keep track of both of them. They tend to run off in separate directions.

But, I laid out the rules ahead of time with Orion. Rule #1; always stay near Mommy. Rule #2; when Mommy says it’s time to go there will be no crying, fussing, or whining. Rule #3; if all of this happens you get rewarded later with chocolate ice cream. It was Rule #3 that made the whole thing work. Orion was very well behaved.

Ollie seemed to be stunned to be at a park filled with so many rambunctious kids. He clung to Mommy at first. But then he spotted some cute little girls his size and was interested in seeing what they were all about. He observed from a close distance. He completely refused to go on the swings but he seemed to like going down the slide and trying to climb up the rope steps.

Maybe I will be bold again and try another park with both boys soon.

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