Orion learns to ride a bike

Yesterday Daddy watched the boys all day while Mommy attended a planning meeting for her Mom’s group.

Then today we slept in a bit since we went to church the night before.

It was another hot day in the Pacific Northwest. In the Olympia area it felt like the mid 80’s. Orion had lots of pool and water play but Ollie was too fussy to tolerate much.

Daddy went to work on the new shed out back that he is building. He also took Orion out on some of his errands, allowing Mommy time to deal sufficiently with fussy little man, Ollie. What a grumpy child he was today!!!

In the evening we all went out to Baskin Robbins for icecream.

Then, after Ollie went to bed, we took Orion out on the sidewalk in front of the house to try out his new bike. He had a hard time coordinating his legs to move the peddles. Daddy tried to encourage Orion not to quit by showing him how much fun his little bike is to ride. It was funny to watch Daddy try to round corners in the thing. Hopefully Orion will have a desire to learn to ride because we’d love to have family bike trips some day.

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