4th of July at Benson Lake

We headed out to Benson Lake the evening before the 4th of July.

Shortly after arriving we got back in the car and drove over to the Alderbrook Resort in Union to watch the fireworks show. It was a very swanky place and they had a live band playing, food, dancing, and volleyball. We sat on a blanket on the lawn and waited with our wiggly children until the fireworks started at about 10:30pm. It was a nice show.

Ollie loved it and squealed with glee and said “Wow!”. Orion tolerated the noise but still enjoyed looking at the pretty fireworks. He said he liked the red ones the best.

The next day was the 4th and it was an iffy weather day. It was not really that warm and it was quite windy.

Our friends Carol and Dustin came over to hang with us. We all took turns going out in the Livingston row boat. Then, my fateful decision to take out the new sailboat came when Carol mentioned she had much sailing experience.

Very shortly after leaving the dock, Carol and Dustin were struck with some strong winds and capsized. Suddenly both of our friends were fully clothed and in the water. The important thing was that no one was hurt.

We had a nice dinner and after the boys went to bed we played Pictionary with our friends. Then suddenly there were lots of fireworks and we went down to the dock to enjoy the show.

The next day before departing, Orion and Dustin went swimming while John and I cleaned and packed up. A good time was had by all!

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