Popsicles and pool time

We returned this afternoon from a trip to Bainbridge Island and Benson Lake. It was a fun time.

The weather today was hot and the boys wanted to play outside. To cool off, I brought out some homemade Popsicles. Orion had a blueberry one and Ollie had an apple one. Ollie wanted some of Orion’s and surprisingly he kindly shared with his little brother. Wonders never cease.

Then they wanted to bring out the kiddie pool. They enjoyed sliding down the slide. Ollie loved sliding fast and dunking completely under the water. He looked like he was coming up from a baptism. He was completely soaked. The first time he did it I thought we was going to cry but instead he laughed and said “slide!” He wanted to go again and again.

They also had fun playing with the new kitchen toy they got from the rotary auction. We put it in their backyard house. It is the first toy that I have seen both boys quietly and nicely share. Who knows how long that will last? I can always dream!

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