Ollie's 18 month check-up

Ollie had his 18 month check-up today. I dropped Orion off at Daddy’s work while Ollie and I went to the appointment. Ollie had dropped a bit in the weight chart. He was at the 10th percentile and is now at the 5th. The Dr. didn’t seem too concerned though. I guess as long as he fluctuates within a certain range it’s okay.

Then, we were also so concerned about whether Ollie was delayed in his milestones. It just didn’t seem like he was talking much. It turns out he’s not delayed. When Dr Mason and I counted the amount of words he does have it seems he’s okay. And as far as his other milestones, he’s operating at a 23 month level. So, Ollie is doing great. What a relief!

Afterward, we came home and had some fun backyard play with both boys. As you can see in the picture with Orion, Ollie has no issues with making eye contact. Another relief.

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