Forgetful Mommy

Daddy left on Monday for Baltimore so it’s Day 2 without him and things are fine. Normally we crumble when he’s gone but lately the boys have been very well behaved. Either that or I have more tolerance. I’m not sure how long either will last.

After school our babysitter Jen came over to watch Orion while Ollie and I went to a dinner at the church for my Women’s Bible study.

I was driving the van and heard a thud and looked out my rear view mirror and thought, “bummer, somebody dropped something in the road”. Then I continued on to my destination only to find that it was ME that dropped it. I had set my bible study notebook on top of the car and forgot. It slid off into the middle of Capital Blvd. Fortunately it didn’t hit anyone. Anyway, I frantically called Jen and she went and retrieved it. I think my brain cells are diminishing since having kids. I wonder if they’ll ever return.

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