Matching boys in Daddy's chair / Ollie loves being outside

Okay, here’s the funny thing about this picture. It looks like I posed them identically or something. It even looks like I intentionally dressed them the same. All of this was a fluke.

Oliver smeared strawberries all over his shirt and I had to change him and so I grabbed the first thing I found in his drawer, not noticing it was identical to Orion’s shirt.

Then, they both climbed in the brown chair and were playing with each other when I jumped in front of them with the camera and said “peak-a-boo” and snapped a shot. This is what I got. The exact same facial expression and the exact same body position. It must be a brother thing!

Our life is down to a pretty refined routine. Usually in the morning we either hang and play at the house or go to a therapy appointment for Orion.

Then after lunch Ollie takes a nap, wakes up, has snack, plays for about 30 minutes and then his favorite moments of the day arrive….waiting outside for the bus to return with big brother. He knows this time is coming shortly after his snack time. He loves being outside!

He usually senses it’s time and he goes and gets two shoes. They may not be matching or even belonging to him. It could be one Mommy shoe and one Ollie shoe. Regardless, he brings them to me. Then he brings me his coat which he calls “coe”. Then if I still haven’t gotten the hint that he wants to go outside he runs over to the front door and bangs on it and tries to reach for the door knob. Once he figures out how to open the door it’s all over!

Anyway, come rain or shine we play out in the front yard and wait for the bus. He digs in the dirt, tries to pluck up Daddy’s beautiful tulips, and shoves pieces of leaves and plants in his mouth. Then he staggers around on the concrete walk making Mommy a nervous wreck. It’s not really a relaxing time for Mommy but it’s the best time of the day for Ollie so it makes it all worth it.

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