Hair cut trauma and a new wallet

Mommy came home from the store in the evening and found Orion stripped down and wimpering with hair clippings on his shoulders. Daddy was beside him battling the hair cut issue. It’s such a traumatic event around here.

Daddy really wanted to just do it the right way and use the clippers but Orion is always so resistant. That’s when Mommy used her recent purchase at the store, a child’s wallet, to bribe Orion into cooperation. He reluctantly but curiously agreed.

We put the sound proof construction headphones on him and Daddy made his best attempt at the back and sides of the hair with the clippers. I guess we’ll have to leave the top for another night.

Here is Orion with his new wallet. He was so proud and was even given one dollar and one quarter to put in it. He is very excited about the prospect of buying his own goodies at the store now.

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