Ollie had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

Oliver has been coughing through the night for almost 3 weeks now. But in the day time he only occasionally coughs. And he always seems chipper. So, we didn’t think we should be alarmed and figured he just had a nagging cold. But after 3 weeks of it I decided to take him to the pediatrician.

Dr. Mason says that Ollie doesn’t appear to be sick but possibly has allergies that are causing him to cough. It’s hard to tell if the allergies would be caused by pollen or rather by dust mites. So he suggested removing pillows and stuffed animals from his bed.

Well, we can easily remove almost all the stuffed animals. But Ollie is quite attached to his little lamb. He snuggles with that thing all the time. He loves his lamby. And taking it away would be so sad. But, fortunately the Dr. said that as long as we run it through the wash regularly it will be fine. So that’s our plan. Keep little lamby but keep him clean. Here is a picture of Ollie and his lamby from today. Thank you to Uncle David, Aunt Mary Ann, and Cousin Deb for gifting us the lamby. As you can see…he loves it!

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