From easy to challenging

Ollie used to be the easy one. He was always so quiet, calm, and tolerant. But he is becoming more of a challenge these days. He is just so interested in the world around him and wants to touch everything and put it in his mouth or ear. And if he can’t get to an object that he is fixated on, he arches his back, throws his whole body back, and screams. He has such an attitude now. He wants what he wants when he wants it. Oy!

Today Ollie and Mommy walked with Carol while Orion was at his OT appointment. The sun was actually shining so it was a nice walk.

After big bro went to school, Ollie got a bath and some naked play time. He seemed to like being naked. Then he enjoyed playing with his piano book. He seems to really like musical instruments. He must take after Mommy in that regard.

Anyway, I took some pictures of him and noticed his hair just keeps getting redder. It’s cute.

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