Finally forward facing in car

It was a drizzly, rainy Monday but the silver lining was that Daddy was home! Yay!!! He returned from his big trip to California late Friday night and we were so glad to see him. This weekend Mommy got to catch up on some sleep and time away from the boys.

Then on Sunday night Daddy, Mommy, and Oliver went on a date night to a Korean restaurant in Lakewood called the Honey Pig. Then, on our drizzly Monday, we loaded up the boys and some packages and headed to Benson Lake.

This weekend was the first time that Ollie got to actually have his car seat facing forward and it was a real treat for him. He was all smiles. Although, he might always have been all smiles in his car seat and we just didn’t know it because he was facing backward. He does tend to be a happy little camper in most situations.

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