Day 9 without Daddy

Day 9 without Daddy and it’s quickly unraveling. Mommy woke up feeling very sick. But now that the boys are healthy again, their energy level is up. It’s overwhelming and almost mission impossible. I guess now is the time to let all the little things go (ie…cleaning, laundry, whatever) and just keep people fed and safe.

I just keep counting down the days/hours and saying to myself…if I can just make it this much longer I’ll be okay. But my fear is that, since Daddy has had an exhausting trip and has been sick as well, that he may not be able to give the full relief I need, even if he intends to.

At least the boys are happy and healthy again. Orion found a new animated show on TV called Pingu all about penguins and he loves it. I try not to overdo the TV thing but it’s times like these when TV is a blessing.

Anyway, he had a fun time singing songs the other day in his new booster seat.

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