Sad and pathetic without Daddy

Day 2 without Daddy and it’s scary, sad and pathetic around here.

Mommy had to cancel walking with Carol today because Oliver has a fever.

Then in the evening, babysitter Jen was canceled too. Mommy was planning on going to a picky-eater lecture at Orion’s OT but had to stay home with the boys instead. Mommy is getting a bit of cabin fever.

Orion stayed up most of the night coughing but was chipper in the morning so who knows.

Also, there is some sort of critter in-between the floors. It could be a squirrel or maybe a….dare I say it….rat! Eeeek. I hate varmints and wish Daddy was here to fix this problem.

Here is a picture of Orion wrapped up in his favorite blue blanket. He can’t sleep without this blanket so it gets dragged everywhere. Thankfully, it washes well.

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