Thumb Injury and Loud Ollie

Daddy is out-of-town for a stretch and on our first day without him, Orion sustained an injury. He took the scissors and tried to cut a chocolate covered edamame bean in half and ended up cutting off a small piece of skin on his thumb. Not good. It bled a lot but he will likely survive. Here he is holding up his bandaged wound for sympathy.

Before the injury occurred we had a nice day. Grandma came to visit. Then while Grandma stayed back to watch Ollie, Orion and I went to his Occupational Therapy appointment. Then we rushed home for lunch and he headed off to school.

After school Orion kept asking for Daddy. It’s hard to be without him. We miss Daddy so much and are anxiously awaiting his return.

Ollie is quite the vocal and rather loud child at times. We thought he was such a quiet child but it turns out he was just muted by that Binky (pacifier) that he always insists on having in his mouth. But if you take that thing away the volume of this child is quite evident.

Today while Orion was still at school, Ollie happened upon big bro’s window gels. This was thoroughly amusing to him. Check out the video below to appreciate his enthusiasm. He even whistles for a brief nanosecond.

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