Fun at the Seattle Aquarium

Daddy had a very brief business meeting in Seattle today so the boys and I headed out to meet him when it was over and spend some time in Seattle.

After a quick lunch at Westlake Center we decided on the Seattle Aquarium. Orion did not know what this word “quarium” (as he called it) meant. We told him it was like a fish zoo. He was sold.

He really enjoyed the lit up jellyfish arc that you could walk through. And, he let go his tactile aversions long enough to touch a star fish. Our brave little guy.

After the aquarium we went to Bellevue to visit Grandpa Jim and allow little brother Ollie to take a nap. Orion missed Grandma and kept asking when she would return from vacation. He enjoyed playing trains with Grandpa Jim though.

After a short trip to Trader Joe’s we headed back home with 2 tired boys. A fun day was had by all.

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