Ouch! Another tooth pokes through

Wow, can you say “fussy”?!! We thought it was just 2 more teeth coming in but it’s 3. Ollie is fussy and cried on and off today for hours. You wouldn’t know it by this picture. I caught him in a rare happy moment of the day.

It’s amazing to me. All of these people in the world walking around with mouths full of teeth that some parent had to endure. I mean, of course the kid has to endure the pain and that’s worse. I certainly feel so sad when my little guys are in pain. But I also get exhausted from the all crying and sleepless nights that teething causes.

But the funnier thing is how you soon forget all of these struggles. I was trying to remember the struggles of Orion teething and I couldn’t. I’m sure it was rough on him too…and us. But somehow amidst all of the constant parenting hurdles, I’ve forgotten that one. Maybe that’s God’s mercy. He helps you forget the painful times and just remember mostly the good ones.

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